Listed Archaeological Sites in Costa Rica

A complete list of registered archaeological sites in Costa Rica is maintained both by the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica  (MNCR) and the University of Costa Rica (School of Archaeology).  I have contacted both of these entities attempting to obtain such a listing, however they will not release this information, ostensibly because of the looting problem.  So I have done the next best thing and compiled a list of the various sites which are listed in the literature. (Last update 2003).  

An editorial on the web page for the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica (which institution is charged with the responsibility of investigating and registering archaeological sites) states "Costa Rica, with a short span in archaeological investigation and with little financial means, has registered nearly three thousand archaeological sites to date in the whole of the country. A considerable number thereof is scattered throughout the national territory. It is estimated that 60 per cent of these have not yet been investigated. There is still much to be found out."  As can be seen from the list below, most of these 3000 sites are not listed. From my observations it seems that the 60% (of uninvestigated sites) figure is low, and many of those which reportedly have been studied, have only received a cursory examination.

Regarding the numbering system for those sites with numbers, the most common system is that of the National Museum (X-00-YZ), where the first letter is the initial of the Province, the second number is the site registration number, and the final letters are the initials of the site name. Sometimes the initial letter, or final letters will be omitted.  Those sites investigated and registered under the University of Costa Rica's system have the initials of the institution UCR, followed by the number of the site.  A third system was used by Kennedy in his study of the Reventazon Valley.  Kennedy's system numbers sites as follows: (C- followed by the number).  Most numbered sites fall within these systems. I assume all sites are numbered but at present most numbers are unavailable.

Where available references, dates and locations will be given.  Too find a reference, refer to the listing in "A Bibliography of Costa Rican Archeology" .

27-HM: A site in Cartago

33-CUA, Turrialba

9-FG-T, a paleoindian site in Turrialba

Agua Caliente,  south of Cartago (C-35AC).  

Aguas Buenas (or Agua Buena) (Coto Brus).  South of San Vito on Panamanian border.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Aguas Claras. (NW Alajuela)

Albergue de Montaña Talari, Rivas

Alfaro (A-361).  Central Pacific, near Calderon in drainage of Rio Jesus Maria.

Alpizar (A-8).  Central Pacific, near Calderon in drainage of Rio Jesus Maria.

Altamira, Parque Internacional La Amistad.

Alto Capulin (A-363-AC).  Located on lower Tarcoles River.

Alto Las Mesas (P-147).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

Alto Las Mesas 2 (P-148).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

Alto Urén, Talamanca

Altos de Las Vegas de Chánguena.

Amargado, El (A-339).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.


Anita Grande (Linea Vieja).

Aquiarres (C-37).  Reventazon Valley south of the Aquiarres River.  Locally called the Isla section.  Tentative 400-850 AD.

Arenal, Lake (39 sites along the ancient shoreline) (G-156-168, G-170-177, G-186-194, G-196-200, G-286, IF 9, IF 4, IF 30).

Aurora (UCR-99).  Near Ochomongo volcano.  Before 2000 BC.

Autopista (UCR-150), San Diego, Tres Ríos.

Atirro, Turrialba.  (Cuadernos de Antropologia 5:97-102, 1986)

Azuero (C-22).  Irazu south.  Near Civil Defense outpost overlooking Rio Retes.  Burial site.  850-1400 AD.

Azul (C-23).  Just off Turrialba-Peralta road, near Azul River.  400-850 AD.

Bagaces (300-800 d.C.) noroeste de Costa Rica.

Bahía Ballena-La Cruz,

Bahía Culebra, Guanacaste.

Bajo Capulin (A-368-BC).   Located between Capulin and Carara on Tarcoles River.

Bajos del Tigre.

Ballena (P-305BA).  300 BC to 300 AD.

Barbosa (UCR-82).

Barra Honda.  Nicoya.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Barreal.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Barrancos, Los. (500 BC)

Barranca. (S. Alajuela)

Barrial (H-1-Ba).

Barrial de Heredia. (H-26-CN).

Barrio México.

Barva (Central Valley).

Batambal (P-299-Bt) Subregión Diquís, Pacífico Sur de Costa Rica

Belén (SJ-36B).

Bell (C-26).  On the Bell Finca between Turrialba and Peralta.  400-850 AD ?.

Biarquiria (SJ-41B).

Bijagua, La. (NW Alajuela).

Birrisito (C-60).  Three miles east of Cartago.

Bocana, La. (Mouth of Tempisque River).  300 BC to 300 AD.

Bolas.  Southern Talamancan Cordillera.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Bolívar. (see Arenal) A Late Formative Village in the Arenal Basin (G-164).  Before 2000 BC.

Bolson. (Tempisque Valley).

Bonilla 2 (C-51).  Reventazon Valley.  0-400 AD.

Bonilla Lagoon (C-50).  Reventazon Valley.  400-850 AD.

Boruca. ICE 1979. Rescate Arqueológico P.A. Boruca 1980-1981.

Bravura, La (A-371-LB).   Located between Capulin and Carara on Tarcoles River.

Brazo Seco (P-359).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

Bremen. (Linea Vieja).

Brisas, Las.   (SJ-170-LB), Pacífico Sur de Costa Rica. MNCR-UNA.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Buenos Aires, Cantón de Puntarenas

Cabaña, La (20-CB) (Linea Vieja).  0-500 AD.

Cacao, El. (Linea Vieja).

Cajon (Diquis).

Calle Lobo (UCR-70).

Campano.  Located 1.5 K. SW of Tucurrique.

Canal (A-17).  Central Pacific, near Calderon in drainage of Rio Jesus Maria.

Canas Gordas. (Coto Brus)..

Cancha, Heredia

Caño en Coclé, PanamáJesús María-Tivives, Pacífico Central de Costa Rica

Capellades (C-53).   Irazu south.  1.5 kms. SE of town of Capellades.  850-1400 AD.

Capri (SJ-9-C): Un asentamiento de la Fase Pavas entre los rios Jorco y Cucubres.

Capulin 21 (A-365).  Located on lower Tarcoles River.

Capulin 28 (A-366).  Located on lower Tarcoles River.

Capulin 31 (A-364).  Located on lower Tarcoles River.

Capulin 37 (A-373).  Located on lower Tarcoles River.

Caracol. (General Valley).

Carara, Proyecto Arqueológico Pacífico Central (CEE-NA 82/12).

Carbagra (General Valley).

Carbonera, Peninsula de Osa.

Carchi (C-61).  Near Cachi 10 Kms. SE of Cartago.

Cardel, El (C-1).  Irazu south.  On road  going NE to Sabanilla.  Burial site.  Tentative 0 Ad to 1400 AD.

Cartago (C-62).  

Cas, El. (Reventazon Valley).

Castillo, Finca de (C-63).  6.5 kms. E of Cartago and 1.7 kms. S of Paraiso on road to Orosi.  Cemetery site.  

Catedral Metropolitano.  San Jose. (Vinculos 24:53)

Caverna Nicoa en Barrahonda de Nicoya un cenote sagrado en Costa Rica

Ceiba: en el Valle del Tempisque (G-60-LC).


Cerro Negro.  Nicoya.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Céspedes (UCR-89):

Chassul (UCR-79).

Chahuite Escondido (300 BC to 300 AD) (N. Guanacaste)

Chaprarron (Actual name Claudio Salazar) (A-36-CS). (San Carlos plains).  2000-300 BC.

Chicagres (C-22Cng).

Chicari.  Located 2 K. SE of Tucurrique.

Chinchilla, La (C-65).  

Chiquero, El. (Tortugero).

Chircot (C-66).  Three kms. N of Cartago.  Large burial site with 205 stone cist graves.

Christo, El. (San Jose).

Chumical (A-363).  Central Pacific, near Calderon in drainage of Rio Jesus Maria.

Cima (C-30LC).

Cimarrones.  Petroglyph site near town of Cimarrones.  

Cipreses (SnJ-2-Cp).

Claudio Salazar.  (A-36-CS) (Real name for Chaparron site, San Carlos region.  10 kms. N of Vera Cruz on Toro River).  Pre-300 BC.

Colombiana. (Linea Vieja).

Colonia (La) (UCR-88).

Concepción (UCR-92).

Copal (Diquis).

Coquito. (Diquis delta).

Cortigo de Coris (C-68).  Cartago area.

Corroci.  Located on the Rio Vueltas south of Tucurrique.

Costa Purruja.  (ridge on south end of Golfito Bay, Puntarenas) (

Costa Rica Farm (W. Limon)

Cot de Cartago  (C-56).  Near city of Cot.  Date unknown.

Cotoncito, Zona Protectora Las Tablas, Panama border.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Coyol (A-13).  Central Pacific, near Calderon in drainage of Rio Jesus Maria.

Crespo (UCR-25).

Cristo Dos. C-40CD

Crotalo (P-150).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

Crotalo 2 (P-152).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

Cruzada, La.  Turrialba Valley.  Before 2000 BC.

Cubilla SJ-54LC en Pozos de Santa Ana.

Cuenca de Arenal, Cordillera de Tilarán


Curré (P-62-Cé), (Lower Terraba River) (oldest site in region 1500 BC to 300 AD).

Curridabat.  Near San Jose.

Curú, Paquera, Province of Puntarenas.

Cutris, San Carlos.

Darizara (valley of Coto Colorado).

Desamparados sitio SJ-394.

Descanso (C-39).  Between towns of Cervantes and Pacayas.  Tentative 400-1400 AD.

Descanso. (Reventazon Valley).

Duan.  Located 4 K. SW of Tucurrique at headwaters of Rio Vueltas.

Dulce Nombre de Coronado (C-69).  Cartago area.

Duran, El (C-44).  Reventazon drainage.  Date unknown.

El Cristo.  (C-39-EC)

Encanto. (Chira Island)

Escobio, Parque Nacional Rincón de la Vieja. (N. Of Liberia)

Española: A Rock Site in Northwestern Costa Rica

Fábrica: Grecia.  Dated Fase Curridabat (400-900 AD) and also 300 BC to 300 AD.   (A-10-LF). (Fábrica Nacional de Licores, Grecia).

Faldas de Irazu (C-85).  Near Retes.  Date unknown.

Falla. sitio S-46-LF

Farolito sitio SJ-44EF,

Fátima (SJ-394Fa), San Miguel de Desamparados

Feluco (SJ-42F).

Fierro (Sitio) (UCR 208).

Filadelfia. (W. Guanacaste).

Finca Las Delicias, Guácimo, Limón

Finca Babilonia, Siquirres, Vertiente Atlántica de Costa Rica

Finca Patricia (see Patricia Farm).

Finca Las Tinajitas

Finca Leticia (A-336).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

Finca Linares (G-470-FL).  On Rio Tempisque.

Finca Las Mercedes, Pacora: Vertiente Atlántica.

Finca los Retes (C-57).  3 kms. above town of Tierra Blanca.  Date unknown.  

Finca San Nicolas (C-76).  Near Paraiso.  

Finca Sonador.  Located in Cooperative Longo Mai, Valle del General, SW Costa Rica.

Finca Ujarrez Jimenez (C-44).  In Ujarrez Valley 1 km. W of Colonial Mission ruins.  400-850 AD.

Flor, La (C-49).  Reventazon Valley on flanks of Turrialba volcano.  400-850 AD.

Flor, La (A-330-LF).  Located between Capulin and Carara.

Flor de Paraíso de Cartago

Flor del Roble, San Vito.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Florida, La. (Reventazon Valley)

Florencia-1 la vertiente atlántica de Costa Rica.  Before 2000 BC.

Fortuna (La) de San Carlos.

G-169 (Arenal area)

Garrobo (P-151).   Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

General Viejo (valley of El General).

Geroninmo (C-88).  Between Azul and Torito.

Getsemani (UCR-159).

Golfito Bay.  (22 sites on coastline or adjacent areas).

Gordas, Las (A-331-LG).  Located between Capulin and Carara on Tarcoles River.

Gran Coyolar en el Pacífico Central de Costa Rica. Proyecto CEE-NA 82/12.

Granadilla Norte de Curridabat.

Grijalba II: el Delta Térraba-Sierpe. (P-260)

Guácima, Alajuela

Guácimo, Guápiles: dos sitios arqueológicos en la finca propiedad de la EARTH,

Guácimo, El Tres de. (MOPT) (Linea Vieja).

Guapiles. (Linea Vieja)

Guarari (H-45G).

Guardiria (C-9-FG).  Near junction of Tuis and Reventazon Rivers near La Suiza.  (Before 2000 BC)  Snarskis 0-500 AD.

Guayabo de Turrialba.  8 kms. N of Turrialba.  400-1400 AD.

Guayabo 2 (C-30).  Near San Antonio-Alto Torito road north of Turrialba.  850-1400 AD.

Guayabo 3 (C-31).  Near Colonia Guayabo.  Tentative 200-850 AD.

Guayabo 4 (C-32).  Near Colonia Guayabo.  850-1400 AD.

Guayabo 5 (C-33).  One km. W of Guayabo 4.  Tentative 400-1400 AD.

Guayabo 6 (C-35).  North side main road, Colonia Guayabo.  Tentative 400-850 AD.

Guayabo de Bagaces, Guanacaste.

Guidea, La.  Nicoya.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Guinea, La. Tempisque River Valley, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Hacha, El. (NW Guanacaste).

Hacienda Cerro Grande (C-64).  In Birrisito near Paraiso.

Hacienda Mojica

Hacienda El Molino, Cartago (C-27-HM).

Hacienda Jérico

Hacienda La Pacífica.

Hacienda Los Inocentes.  NW Costa Rica.

Hacienda Navarro (C-72).  Near Cartago.

Hacienda Tempisque, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica.

Herradura zone (Diquis).

Hidalgo.  Valley del General.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Higuerón  (A-12).  Central Pacific, near Calderon in drainage of Rio Jesus Maria.

Huacas, Las (C-55).  Slopes of Irazu.  Date unknown.

Huacas, Las. Burial Ground in Northwestern Costa Rica (Nicoya).  (Also spelled Juacas).  300 BC to 300 AD.

Huerta de Aguacate. (W. Pacific Guanacaste)


Iberia. (Linea Vieja).

IICA 1 (C-6).  Junction of Turrialba and Reventazon Rivers.  Tentative 0--400 AD.

IICA 2 (C-7).   Junction of Turrialba and Reventazon Rivers.  Tentative 0--400 AD.  

IICA 3 (C-8).    Junction of Turrialba and Reventazon Rivers.  Tentative 0--400 AD.  

IICA 4 (C-9).   Junction of Turrialba and Reventazon Rivers.    Date undetermined.

IICA 5 (C-10).   Junction of Turrialba and Reventazon Rivers.   Date undetermined.

IICA 6 (C-11).   Junction of Turrialba and Reventazon Rivers.  Tentative 0--400 AD.  

IICA 7 (C-12).   Junction of Turrialba and Reventazon Rivers.  850-1400 AD.

IICA 8 (C-13).   Junction of Turrialba and Reventazon Rivers.  Date undetermined.

IICA 9 & 10 (C-14 & 15).   Junction of Turrialba and Reventazon Rivers. Date undetermined.

InBio (H-441).  Central Valley.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Indio, El. (Santa Clara plains).

Irma (C-52).  Finca La Irma near Turrialba.  Tentative 400-1400 AD.

Isabel, La (C-4-IT).  Near Turrialba-Peralta road.  (850-1400 AD Kennedy)  Snarskis 0-500 AD.

Isla (G-90LI), Cañas, Guanacaste.

Isla Pelicana.  (Golfito Bay, Puntarenas).

Itaba (La)

Itiquis (UCR 201).  Alajuela.

Jalaca - Finca Guanacaste, Pacífico Sur (Diquis delta).

Jalaca de Osa. Proyecto Osa-Golfito (NA 85/06).

Jaris, Puriscal.

Javuri.  Arenal region.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Jesus Maria (C-42).  Between Azul and Torito and .6 km. E of Reventazon River.  Tentative 400-850 AD.

Jesús María (A-321-JM). Pacífico Central, Near Calderon.  Drainage of Rio Jesus Maria.

Jesús María-Tivives, Proyecto Arqueológico Pacífico Central (CEE-NA 82/12).

Jocotal (G-99JC).

Juan Vinas (C-90).  (Irazu south).  Date unknown.

Kilometro 81 (A-342).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

Labrador (A-4).  Central Pacific, near Calderon in drainage of Rio Jesus Maria.

Laguna, La (A-370-LL).   Located between Capulin and Carara on Tarcoles River.

Laguna Grande (A-340).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

Lagunilla (A-374-La).   Located between Capulin and Carara on Tarcoles River.

Libano, El. (Reventazon Valley).

Limones, Los (C-71).  Six kms. S of Cartago.  Site with burial mounds.  Two mounds contained 63 cist graves.

Loma B (coast of Guanacaste).

Loma Vigia (P 383 LV) (500 BC-300 AD). (7 K. from Lomas Entierros)

Lomas Capulin (A-361).  Located on Rio Tarcoles.

Lomas Entierros (SJ-343-LE). Pacífico Central. MNCR-CEE NA 82/12-FMNCRAA.

Lomas Entierros: en la cuenca baja del Río Grande de Tárcoles.

Llano, El. (UCR-43).

Maizal, El (A-18).  Central Pacific, near Calderon in drainage of Rio Jesus Maria.

Málaga (SJ-40M).

Malla, La (A-338).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

Malla-2, Tivives, Puntarenas. NCR- CEE NA 82/12-FMNCRAA.

Mama Inés (G 356-MI) en La Cruz, Guanacaste.

Manzanillo.  On Bahia Culebra, Nicoya.

Margot (C-16).  Finca Margot north side Turrialba. Tentative 850-1400 AD.

Marias,Las. Bay of Salinas.

Marías site. in the Río Sapoá Valley

Mario Obando.  (P-305).

Maritza, faldas del volcán Orosí

Matapalo (Nicoya, Guanacaste)

Maternidad (UCR-27).

Mendez.  Near Miravalles volcano.  2000-300 BC.

Mercedes, Las.  Near Germania on railroad line (Linea Vieja).  300 BC to 300 AD.

Mercocha.  On Linea Vieja.  0-500 AD.

Mina Bellavista.

Mirador.  Located in Tucurrique.

Margot.  Atlantic plain.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Mogote near Miravalles volcano.  Before 2000 BC.

Mojoncito.  Southern Talamanca.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Molino, El (C 27 HM): a large Pavas site near Cartago.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Monges.  Near San Isidro del General.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Montana, La (C 18-LM). (Reventazon Valley near Turrialba).  2000-300 BC.

Monte Cristo (C87).  Large site approx. 3 kms. S of Orosi.  400-850 AD.

Monte del Barco, Bahía Culebra

Monte Sele (G-91MS), Cañas, Guanacaste

Montero (Chira Island)

Monterrey de Montes de Oca, sitio SJ-17-Mtr.

Montura, La (A-333-LM).   Located between Capulin and Carara on Tarcoles River.

Mora, El 1 (C-21).  Along the Turrialba-Peralta road.  (Tentative 300--0 BC Kennedy)  Snarskis 0-500 AD.  

Mora, El 1a.  330 M. SW of Mora 1 site.  300 BC to 400 AD.

Moral, El, de San Blas. (W. Guanacaste)

Morales Point (Gulf of Nicoya)

Motorola (SJ-19-M).

Murcielago (P- 107-Mc) en el Valle de Diquís, Costa Rica.

N-Gr-2, Ayala

Nacascolo, Bahía Culebra, Costa Rica. N. Guanacaste

Najerra (C-25).  Reventazon Valley 10 kms. NE of Turrialba.  Tentative 400-1400 AD.

Naranjo (cordillera norte).

Navarro, Cartago

Nazareno. (P-302).


Ni Kira (valley of Coto Colorado). (Vinculos 26:79, 2001).  1500 BC to 300 AD.

Nosara (Nicoya).  300 BC to 300 AD.

Nosarita de Nicoya.

Novarrito (C-74).  Cartago area.

Novica. (Near Canas).

Nuevo Corinto. (Linea Vieja).

Nuevo Mundo. (Linea Vieja).

Numancia. (Linea Vieja).

Ochomongo.  (near Pital, San Carlos)

Oricuajo (A-16).  Central Pacific, near Calderon in drainage of Rio Jesus Maria.

Orieta, La 1 (C-46).  Flanks of Turrialba volcano.  Tentative 650-850 AD.

Orieta, La 2 (C-47).  Near La Orieta 1.  Undetermined date.

Orieta, La 3 (C-48).  Near other Orieta sites.  Tentative 400-850 AD.

Orocu (P-308-Or).  Providence of Puntarenas.

Orosi (C-18).  Near town of Orosi.  Tentative 400-1500 AD.

Ortega. (Tempisque Valley)

Osa Penisula (several site including Carbonera).

P-107-MC y el valle intermedio del Río Térraba, región Diquís, Costa Rica.


P-313, Golfito, Costa Rica

Pacagua. (W. San Jose).

Pacayas (C-38).  Irazu south.  Near town of Pacayas.  Date unknown.

Pais (C-75).  Near Paez, 2 kms. E of Cartago.  

Palmar Sur (Diquis delta)

Palmera, La (A-15).  Central Pacific, near Calderon in drainage of Rio Jesus Maria.

Panteon de la Reina. (near town of Rivas at conjuction of Bella Vista and Chirripo Rivers).

Papagayo, Bahía Culebra, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Paquera, Punta Cuchillos.

Paraiso (C-73).  Cartago area.

Parcela (H-7-LP).

Parita. (N. Of Quepos)

Paso del Tempisque.

Paso Real (P-192-PR), el Valle del Diquís

Patricia Farm. (W. Limon).

Paulina (UCR-80).

Pavas. (Near San Jose)

Pedregal, Area de Conservación Guanacaste

Pedregal. Estación Biológica Maritza.

Pejivalle (Pejibaye?) (C-28).  NE of Poras River.  Undated.

Peralta (UCR-83). (Reventazon Valley near Peralta).  Date unknown.

Perez Zeledon

Pesa Vieja


Piedra Pintada (Coto Brus).  300 BC to 300 AD.


Piedras del Sol.  Lake Arenal.  Pre-2000 BC.

Pila (La).  (Golfito Bay, Puntarenas).

Pilas (UCR-94), Abangares, N. Guanacaste.

Pinal (A-11).  Central Pacific, near Calderon in drainage of Rio Jesus Maria.

Pista (La) (Diquis).

Pital, El.  Central Valley.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Pital, El. (Tortuguero).

Plan (El), (A-320).  In drainage of Rio Jesus Maria near Caldera.

Platanillal (A-367-Pl).  Located between Capulin and Carara.

Platanillo (C-27).  Four kms. SE of Tuis.  400-850 AD.

Playas de Nosara (UCR-87):

Pochota: un sitio temprano en el valle de Tempisque.  2000-300 BC

Polideportivo B. de la Región Trópico Húmedo Pocora, Limón

Porton Iberia, Siquirres

Portuguesa, La (C-54).  Irazu south.  Burial site on outskirts of Tierra Blanca.  850-1400 AD.

Portrero, El (C-36).  Approx. 6 kms. NNW of Turrialba near Aquiarres River.  Undated.  

Porvenir. (Linea Vieja).

Potrero Grande Térraba-Coto Brus

Pozo Azul, Bijagual de Acosta. CEE NA 82-12, MNCR, FAA MNCR, (May be same as A-14 near Calderon).

Pueblo Nuevo

Pueblo Nuevo de Pérez Zeledon

Puente, El (A-337).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

Puerto Culebra.

Punta Descartes, Bahía Salinas

Pura Pura.  Burial site half mile from Cartago.

Quebrada de las Pavas (C-83).  N side Quebrada Retes, N of junction with Quebrada Reventes.  Date unknown.  

Quebrada Negra.  Carribean coast near Panamanian border.  2000-300 BC.

Quebrada Seca.  Valley of the Jaco.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Quebradas Térraba-Coto Brús.

Quebradas, Valle de General.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Quintana (H-27-Q) (Arrea, F. 1987).

Regla, La.  Nicoya.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Retes (C-84).  Un depósito arqueológico en las faldas de Irazú.  On Finca Retes.  850-1400 AD.  

Retes 2 (C-4).  Overlooking Rio Retes, 1 km. SW of Cardel site and 1 km. NE of Azuero site.  850-1400 AD.  

Rincón Grande de Pavas

Rincón (A-19ER).

Rio Antiguo near La Cruz, Guanacaste.  Before 2000 BC.

Rio Macho (C-45).  Vicinity of Cartago.  Date unknown.

Rio Naranjo.  Near Miravalles volcano.  2000-300 BC.

Río Santa Rosa Drainage

Río Sabalo Valley Survey

Río Antiguo Locality of the Río Sapoá Valley.

Rivas (SJ-148-RV).  Located in valley of upper El General River at junction of Chirriqui and Buenavista rivers.

Roble, El.

Rodriguez (UCR-34).

Rosa Maria (C-29).  Reventazon Valley 9 kms. E of La Suiza at Pacayitas.  400-1400 AD.

Ruiz Site: Bay of Culebra, Costa Rica


Sabanilla.  Located 1.5 K. SW of Tucurrique.

Salas.  Located 3 K. WNW of Tucurrique.

Salinas, Bahía Culebra G-227.

San Antonio (C-19).  Town of San Antonio NNW of Turrialba.  Date undetermined.

San Dimas Colony. (N. Guanacaste) (at least 22 defined sites) (300 BC-300 AD).

San Francisco. (Pacific Coast N. Guanacaste)

San Gerardo

San Isidro (G-95SI).

San Isidro de Arenilla. (W. Cartago)

San Josecito de Alajuelita. (SJ) (900-1500 AD).

San Miguel de Desamparados sitio SJ-45Cj

San Pedrito de Cajon.  In Valle del General SW Costa Rica.

San Pedro de Poás

San Pedro de Perez Zeledon

San Rafael de Oreamuno, Cartago (C-22-SR).

San Rafael de Guatuso. (NW Alajuela)

San Ramon de Alajuela.

San Vito de Java (Coto Brus).

Santa Cruz (C-43).  On Finca Las Quines.  Date undetermined.

Santa Elena, Monteverde, Puntarenas

Santa Maria de Dota (Diquis)

Santiago (C-77). (Reventazon Valley).  Number of circular stone house foundations with burial mound and 24 graves.

Santo Domingo de Heredia Sitio Alfaro (Localidad 2), Jesús María de San Mateo. 300 BC to 300 AD.

Sardinal. (W. Guanacaste).

Section 2-B (Aquiarres site) (C-24).  Burial site.  On Finca Aquiarres on Aquiarres River.  850-1400 AD.

Selva, Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí

Severo Ledesma. (Linea Vieja).  300 BC to 300 AD.

Silencio Site: Early to Middle Polychrome Period Cemetery in the Arenal Region (G-150). (Also dated pre-2000 BC.)

Soncho A,B CyD): San Vito de Java, Región Sur..

Suenos, Los.  Central Pacific.  2000-300 BC

Ta'Lari del Pacuare; El cantón de Turrialba.

Tapanti (C-81).  South of the Tapanti-Orosi road.  Date unknown.

Targua (P-360).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

Tarras (C-79).  Town of Taras 1.5 kms. NW of Cartago.

Tatiscu (near Turrialba)

Tencio, Costa Rica southern zone.

Tejar (C-78).  Cartago area.

Tibas. (San Jose).  (Also called Talamanca de Tibas).  Elite burials with jades and ceramics.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Tivives, Puntarenas.

Tobosi (C-80).  Six kms. SW of Cartago.  

Torito (C-40). (In Reventazon Valley near Peralta).  300 BC to 0 AD.

Torito  2 (C-82). (In Reventazon Valley near Peralta, several hundred meters south of Torito site).  300 BC to 0 AD.

Torito Station (C-41).  On Reventazon River 1 K. NE of Torito site.  300 BC to 0 AD.

Toros, Los (C-2).  Cave site approx. .75 km. SW of Cardel site.  Date unknown.  

Toros 2, Los (C-3).  On road 2 kms. above Rio Retes.  Burial site.  850-1400 AD.

Tortuguero Hill. (Tortuguero)

Tranquera, finca de José Girón.

Trajo, El.  Near Arenal volcano.  Before 2000 BC.

Trepada, La (A-362).  Located on Rio Tarcoles.

Tres Rios (Diquis).

Tronadora Vieja.  (G-163 and 165).   Archaic Early Formative Site in the Arenal Region .  (2000 BC to 300 AD).

Tucurrique.  Cartago.

Turales (UCR-164).

Turrialba: 9-FG-T,  (Vinculos 3(1-2):13-25), (Vinculos 11(1-2):31-46)

Ujarras. (Near Buenos Aires).

Ujarrez (C-86).  20 kms. S of Paraiso in Valley of Ujarrez.  

Unión de Valverde Vega (A-275-UVV), Sarchi.

Upala (Alajuela), Costa Rica

Vaca, La. (Top Buruca Penn.)

Valle de Jacó. Proyecto CEE-NA 82/12 Fase Pavas.

Vargas (A-23Vr).


Ventanas (A-26Vt), Alajuela

Victoria (UCR-67), Barba, Heredia

Vidor Site, Bay of Culebra, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.  300 BC to 300 AD.

Viejo (El) de Colinas (Tempisque).

Vigilante Alta, A Late Polychrome Period Site on San Lucas Island.

Villa Real 1 y 2 (UCR-22).

Villas de Ayarco de Curridabat. (800-1500 AD) (MNCR SJ)

Vista del Mar (P-149).  Central Pacific zone, near Tivives.

Viuda (UCR-85).

Vivienne (UCR-76): Fase Curridabat en el Cantón de Montes de Oca, San José.

Volio, U.C.R. No. 179.

Vueltas, Las.   Located on the Rio Vueltas south of Tucurrique.

Williamsburg Atlántico Central de Costa Rica (Linea Vieja).

Williamsburg, Siquirres L-58.

Yurusti II.  (Arrea, F. 1987).

Zapandi Río Tempisque

Zapote-2: Valle de Turrialba

Zent, RECOPE, Corina de Matina, Limón

Zetilla de Ipis (16-ZIP).  Located in San Jose suburb.  500-1500 AD.

Zoila, La (C-5-ZT).  Reventazon Valley 3 kms. E of Turrialba.  (400-1400 AD Kennedy)  Snarskis 0-500 AD.

Zonas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Zoncho (El) (Diquis).

Zurqui. SJ-47Zq.

Chiriqui Region of Panama.



Brisas (Las).


Horacio Gonzalez.


Remedios (lowlands).

San Felix.



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